23 October 2020

Image of Support over October Half Term

As reported in the press recently, the impact of Covid19 will be felt in many ways, but clearly there will financial and social implications. If your circumstances have changed or you require support then please read the information provided by our pastoral team.


Children and Family Wellbeing Service Request for Support Form - Online Forms - Lancashire





St Annes United Reformed

St Georges Rd

St Annes

Tuesday and Thursday 11am -3pm


Wesley’s Larder

Church rd Methodist Church

St Albans rd

St Annes

Fy8 3NQ

Tuesday and Thursday 11am-1pm




Bolton Street





Noor Hall

Noor street



Many referral agencies are presently closed due to the pandemic , but if you need help because you are in financial difficulty and are a resident of Fylde Borough please phone Fylde Council Customer Services on 01253 658658 (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:00) or visit their website. Your eligibility for a food bank voucher will be checked and if approved a voucher will be issued and forwarded to the Foodbank Centre at either St Anne’s or Kirkham.

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