12 October 2017

On 12th October BAE Systems (who are partners with the RAF and the Royal Navy) gave a presentation to our Year 8 students about STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The presentation showed students the importance of computer technology and the connection between what they study in school and the day to day applications in the real world. 

The roadshow performance was in three parts. Part one took a look at drones, gave examples of different kind of drones and how they are used for different purposes. This then followed an exciting practical demonstration with a drone.Two volunteers from the audience were chosen to help demonstarte the dangers of hacking and the work that computer scientists and programmers do to keep our computer systems safe.

The second part of the show focused on how computers work and the students were engaged in some practical activities to help them understand how the binary system works. 

The final part of the performance featured a 70cm high android robot called Now that showed just how advanced robotics can be. This interactive robot has features that are present in many of the products that BAE Systems manufacture. 

If you are interested in STEM and the BAE Systems then visit their website for activities and information. 

BAE STEM roadshow 2017 photos

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