What is VIVO?

When we do good things, it’s nice to be rewarded, right? Vivo is here to help.
Vivo is the world’s most popular and successful rewards platform.
Which means we help your teachers reward you for the good things that you do.
If you do good things, your teachers will reward you with vivos which can be exchanged for items in our shop.
We keep on top of all the latest trends, so you can work towards something you truly value, like an iPhone, jewellery, sports gear or mobile phone credit.
We make doing good things fun with competitions, missions, badges + much more!

How to earn VIVO points

There are 1000s of amazing items in our shop!

iPhones, iPads, headphones, jewellery, stationary DVDs, fashionable clothing, mobile top-up credit, watches sports equipment, key rings, toys, computer games, painting kits + much more!

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Student guide

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