You can read a summary of the Thursday 25th February Ofqual announcement here -

The information below is correct as of 2nd March.

Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting learning. The engagement of Year 11 students in our online learning continues to be overwhelmingly positive. This is in no small part to the role played by parents and carers in setting up a suitable working environment at home and encouraging good learning habits. We find ourselves in an ever-changing situation in regards to Covid-19 and there are many uncertainties surrounding Year 11 and GCSE exams but we will set out to answer any key questions you have and reassure you during this difficult time. This page will be continually updated as soon as new information is available and Year 11 parents and students will be alerted when there is an update.

Exam Timetable

The FAQ below should help answer your questions but if there's anything else, please contact us.


Published - 19th January 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

Ofqual made a general exams announcement on 25th February.

Each exam board will be sending each subject guidance and resources (including past paper questions and new questions). These may not arrive with teachers until the Easter holiday.

The main points of the Ofqual guidance are:

The main GCSE summer exams have been cancelled so teachers in schools will submit a grade to the exam boards based on:

  • ‘The standard at which their student is performing’ based upon ‘students demonstrated knowledge, understanding and skills’ and ‘only on the areas of content they have taught’.
  • ‘Teachers’ judgements should be based on a range of evidence relating to the subject content that your teachers have delivered, either in the classroom or via remote learning’.
  • ‘Teachers will be able to use evidence about your performance gathered throughout your course to inform their judgement. This might include work that you have already completed, mock exam results, homework or in-class tests. Your teachers may also use questions from exam boards, largely based on past papers….’

None Exam Assessment (coursework) will be completed as far as possible and will contribute to the final grade.

GCSE Art will be graded by portfolio only.

Separate judgements are made for the speaking elements of French, German and English Language.



Published - 22nd January 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

We still await further information from each exam board, but based on the general information in Question 1 provide by Ofqual on 25th February it looks most likely that:

A range of post-lockdown assessments across March, April and May will allow LSA teachers to build upon the existing evidence they already have for every student.

All assessments to be completed around May 20th so the final grades checking processes can be completed for the exam boards.

Most subjects will set ‘little and often’ assessments in classrooms, mostly during normal lesson times. Some class-based assessments have been scheduled earlier than others so that teachers can provide students with the feedback they need to improve in advance of later assessments.

English, Maths, Science, History and Geography will use classroom assessments as well as additional assessments that will take place in the Sports Hall in April and May (Covid-19 guidance will be adhered to).

Please note that a single disappointing post lockdown assessment will not override an otherwise good performance. Students should try to see each assessment as an opportunity, not a threat!

Students should try not to worry about post lockdown assessments until we confirm dates and topics on SatchelOne and on the school website. Parents will also be emailed a list of assessments.

Dates and topics for assessments will be announced in time for students to prepare.

Published - 22nd January 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

  • Please just focus on the work being delivered and set by your teachers.
  • Act upon the advice given by the teachers on the consultation on 4th and 5th March.
  • Do your best to ‘not overthink’ the bigger picture of learning until you find out more.
  • Ask for help as necessary just as you would do normally.
  • Contact school for any wider support that you need, we are here to help.

We will tell you when you have to prepare for an assessment that will ‘count’, but please remember any assessments will help provide teachers with more evidence to confirm your grade and should be seen as an opportunity to show what you can do rather than a threat to your previous grades.

Published - 22nd January 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

There is a subject consultation event on 4th and 5th March. Parents were invited by email on Thursday 25th February. If you have any questions regarding this please contact

Published - 22nd January 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

We are planning to distribute a final report to Year 11 parents just after Easter. This report will indicate if a student is currently performing ‘above’, ‘at’ or ‘below’ the grade expected for each subject. Please note that an exact current grade will not be included, as this can not be provided with sufficient accuracy due to lockdown remote learning. A full explanation will be provided with the report. The report will however show all previous assessments from Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 so that students and parents can see the range of previous GCSE assessment evidence teachers will be using. Following the report there will still be time to address any issues raised and make improvements prior to the remaining post lockdown assessments


Published - 22nd January 2021

Last updated - 22nd January 2021

This will depend on the local and national situation and the associated restrictions. We expect it to be similar to last year in that very sadly we won’t be able to have a prom, but that we will produce a yearbook and also sell leavers’ hoodies. There will be more information to follow on this once we know what will be possible


Published - 2nd March 2021

Last updated - 2nd March 2021

LSA teachers are committed to doing the best for our students. They will follow the processes required by the exam boards with professionalism and diligence whilst striving to give LSA students the best chances going forward into future education, training and employment.

There are some details to be confirmed by the exam boards for 2021, but the system LSA used in for the 2020 will have many similarities to 2021. The expected steps in 2021 are:

  • Teachers consider evidence from previous assessments and post-lockdown assessments. The setting and marking of these assessments is standardised and moderated so it is fair for all students. The post lockdown assessments (described in Question 2) add to the existing range of earlier evidence. Teachers enter the grades according to ‘the standard at which their student is performing’ based upon ‘student demonstrated knowledge, understanding and skills’ and ‘only on the areas of content they have taught’.
  • Teams of teachers for each subject will then work together to review the teacher grade Every grade will be reviewed by at least one other subject teacher and/or the subject leader. Further ‘moderation’ and reviews of evidence will check that students in all classes are treated fairly. Subject leaders check LSA judgement are in line with national exam board guidance, e.g. ‘A grade 5 candidate should be able to ….’
  • Senior teachers will then work with the subject leaders to make a final check before the grades are sent to the exam boards Processes carried out by teachers and subject leaders above will be checked including: Consistency across different classes and for different groups of students. Exam board guidance and processes have been followed correctly. Specific checks on students in unique circumstances. Checking the overall spread of grades is similar to previous cohorts of students who sat exams at LSA. This is something the exam board will check before confirming LSA’s grades. This will help our current students due to the strong performance of previous year cohorts.
  • There is an appeals process and an opportunity to re-sit the exams When the grades are released to students on results day, planned for the 12th August, there is an appeals process in which the student can appeal to their school. The school can address and correct administrative errors. Other issues will involve the exam board checking the evidence the school has used. If the correct processes have not been followed by the school, then the grade will be changed either up or down by the exam board. The grade will not be changed ‘as a result of marginal difference of opinion’. There is an ‘autumn series’ of exams so that students can ‘re-take’ subjects if they want to improve their grade.


Published - 24th March 2021

We are aware some families are trying to plan holiday dates for June and July so we are sharing the following dates and information. This is correct at the time of writing and unlikely to change.

Assessments will continue in lessons after the Easter break as per the attached schedule.

The last day of full time attendance in school for Year 11 for all lessons is Monday, 17th May, up until 3pm.

From Tuesday, 18th May to Wednesday, 26th May there will be a series of final assessments as shown the second attached schedule in Exam Halls. Students will only have one assessment per day and, therefore, will need to come into school at the appropriate time of day and return home following the assessment. Individual assessment schedules including times, rooms and seat numbers will be issued shortly after the Easter break. The Mathematics assessment on 26th May will be last planned assessment.

Whilst we are not currently planning to ask students back into school after 26th May, students will still need to be available to attend until Thursday, 17th June. This is so that any gaps in assessment evidence or missing assessments can be completed before the deadline for schools to send grades to the exam boards on 18th June.

We are hoping to provide a series of optional taster sessions for students who are considering certain college courses to assist the transition to college. These will take place between 21st June and 23rd July. Year 11 students will be given an opportunity to sign up for the sessions for which they have an interest.

GCSE results day is Thursday, 12th August. Further details regarding the arrangements will be available closer to the date.