How are your childs needs identified

New intake students in year 7.

a)Primary Liaison

Feeder primary schools are contacted and visited prior to transfer.  Any student who has an “learning difficulty” who are SEN Support or have an EHCP is referred to the SENCO.  The SENCO then visits the schools and the students and where possible parents.

In the spring of Year 6 the LA will notify the school about which students are coming to us with an ECHP.  Where practicable the SENCO attends their Annual Review to ensure a smooth transition is made.

Pupils are also offered  a place on our Pyramid Programme, where in the summer term they attend school once a week for approximately 6 weeks.  During this time they are shown around, meet other students who are coming and students who are already attending the school.

b)Initial Screening

  • Ks2 tests.
  • Reading, spelling, comprehension tests.
  • Cat Tests.
  • Boxall Profile – helps to identify children’s developmental needs and the level of skill they possess to help access learning.

Screening in other year groups

Testing is based on identified concerns/issues.  School is  able to use a range of nationally recognised tests that allow us to identify specific needs in handwriting, spelling, reading, comprehension and SpLd- Lucid Rapid. 

Access Arrangement Testing

Access arrangement are agreed before an assessment.  They allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities;

  • Access the assessment
  • Show what they know and can do without changing the demands of the assessment. (JCQ Regulations – Adjustments for candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties, 2014-2015)

In school we carry out all the nationally recognised tests for students with SEND, that are needed to be used as evidence for an arrangement to be applied to an assessment. 

Staff observation

  • Members of staff consult with the SENCO using the referral form, which allows the SENCO to see what has already been done by the class teacher.  Evidence of the concern needs to be produced by the class teacher prior to any testing/additional intervention being undertaken.
  • The SENCO may then ask for further testing by other professionals.

Referrals by parents or carers

  • As a parent if you have any concerns about your child’s ability to access the curriculum, you can contact me at school via telephone or please use our Drop In Service.  We will then gather information about your child, using screening tests, seeking specialist advice and if necessary Educational Psychologist reports.  As parents you do not need to seek private assessments.    Once information is gathered the process is the same as for staff referrals.