This page is dedicated to the experiences that our parents have kindly shared with us so that visitors and prospective parents can appreciate our fantastic school and what we have to offer to current and future students.

In the almost two years that our Daughter has been at LSA, the SEN Department has been there to help her transition from primary school. Helping her get settled in, access all areas and have the confidence to be just like her friends. We have had a few hiccups along the way but, everything gets sorted and answered quickly and efficiently. Knowing that the SEN support is always there in the background makes our Daughters life and ours stress free.

When we moved to Lytham St Annes from Greater Manchester nearly three years ago, our first concern was which high school to choose. We wanted, as every parent does, the best for our child. We were recommended LSA Technology and Performing Arts College by our friends, based on their sons' experience at LSA. We arranged to come and have a look and were impressed with the two Year 10 girls who took us on a tour around the school. They were very polite, friendly and informative and good ambassadors for the school. We also had a number of conversations with members of staff which took away any concerns we had.  Our daughter moved to LSA in Year 7 with only four weeks to go until the summer holidays. Naturally we were concerned as to how she would settle in. Support was fabulous, by staff, but also by 'buddies' who helped our daughter find her way around school. We have never looked back and are very happy with the progress our daughter is making.  Something also worth mentioning is that we feel communication from/with school is excellent. 

Rose was diagnosed with severe dyslexia in primary school. Her experience at LSA has been extremely positive and her GCSE grades were amazing. Thanks to the wonderful support at LSA she is now at sixth form college, preparing for University. The staff were very supportive. She knew no one when she started and found the old college system worked very well at providing positive friendship and assistance, both from staff and fellow students.


LSA is a wonderful school. The staff are dedicated to enriching the lives of all the students, not only through the curriculum but also through value shown for each individual. The extra-curricular activities are extensive and varied, giving each child plenty of choices for developing their interests. 

I sent all three of my children to LSA where all three (all with very different educational needs), were educated to the highest standards, cared for and supported by professional, friendly and personable staff in an exemplary manner and were offered and exposed to innumerable opportunities and character building experiences which have set them up not only for the next steps in their education but for life itself. If you believe, as I do, in the system of Comprehensive education, then this school, as in life, will provide your children with rich and varied opportuntities for learning,  not only from their educators but also from their peers. There is no doubt in my mind that the opportunity to succeed in education at this school, is most definitely available to all its pupils, if they chose to take it!! Would I choose to send my children there again? Most definitely. 

Please pass on our thanks to all the teachers at the options evening who worked late despite the wild weather. We found the evening very informative. It was helpful to be able to meet some of the teaching staff, hear about the GCSE programmes and have a brief opportunity to discuss options with other parents. The enthusiasm and passion that the teachers have for their subjects was inspiring and contagious!