An Introduction

Classcharts is the main system for awarding recognition points. Text messages of praise can be sent by individual teachers or by the senior member of staff on walk about and the system is accessed via the Pastoral Office. Departments should ensure they have agreement on the types of rewards they will use e.g. departmental postcards.  This will be measured through student and parent voice activities. 

Recognition Points

At LSA High School we want to recognise students when they show exceptional learning behaviours. This can be through progress, behaviour towards learning and others, or commitment to out of lesson activities.

We want to encourage our students to uphold the LSA core values of Aspiration, Endeavour, Integrity and Respect.
Staff award achievement points that are linked to our recognition badges. These start with a bronze Badge for 50 points and proceed to our Super achievement badge for 550 points.

The achievement points are used when recognising and rewarding students in our end of term assemblies, trips and events.

 Postcards and texts home

Departmental postcards or texts are sent for effort and work in addition to the recognition points.


Certificates are issued for Excellent attendance throughout the year.


At the end of each term students with excellent behaviour and attitude, as shown through ClassCharts will be analysed and recorded.