Upon joining LSA you would have signed our Home School Agreement (summaried below) which is based on our School Mission Statement is: “A learning community in pursuit of excellence”.


As a Student I will:

  • Arrive at school and at lessons on time, ready to learn
  • Listen
  • Follow instructions
  • Be polite and show respect
  • Always try my hardest
  • Spend an appropriate length of time on my homework to ensure it is done to the best of my ability. On average* the amount of time spent on homework should be

      Years 7 and 8 - 45 to 90 minutes a day

      Year 9 - 1½ hours a day

      Years 10 and 11 - 1½ to 2½ hours a day

  • Understand the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle

* Because each subject is different the nature and length of the homework given will also differ. Some subjects give regular short pieces of homework,others give extended tasks which may take several weeks to complete.


As a Student I will:

  • Follow the school Code of Conduct and rules*
  • Treat all members of our school community with respect, in and outside school,including when using electronic communication and social networking
  • Make a positive contribution to our school community
  • Get involved with and contribute to the school’s work in the wider community
  • Meet the regulations for uniform and appearance



As a Student I will:

  • Get involved
  • Aim high in everything I do
  • Listen to and act on the advice given to me about how to improve my work
  • Report any concerns I have to a parent or an adult in school


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Expedition to Canada!

Arizona is an Army Cadet who has been selected to go to Canada during Summer for the International Cadet Exchange Expedition. Only 12 Army Cadets in the whole country are selected for this!

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